Wizzy Gizmo – Old and New Testament Bible Series for Families


By Andrea Harden

Celebrating Christianity and learning about the Bible is a huge part of daily life for many American families. This is most especially true for homeschooling families using Christian curriculum. However, beyond an academic setting, or outside of church, it can be a struggle to get children engaged and excited about exploring the scriptures. Once kids outgrow the fun-loving Christian television and movies available, there are few resources available for parents to capture the imagination and attention of their active older children.

Even young children can tire of passively watching these shows and parents can take singing products only so many times.

A wonderful series of engaging, Christian resources are now available for families everywhere. Wizzy Gizmo and all of his friends are here to make the Bible a memorable, fun adventure for the entire family. Through audio dramas, captivating books, and an informative card series, kids can experience the Bible in a completely new way. Instead of passively watching animated versions of biblical stories, parents and adults can use these resources as an opportunity to encourage children to become active Bible explorers. Just like Wizzy Gizmo and his friends!

All of the products are perfect creative resources to encourage your family Bible studies, children’s ministry, or just for some family-friendly entertainment for the kids. It was the goal of the creators of Wizzy Gizmo to provide parents and communities high-quality biblical resources that explain the Bible in a fun and engaging way. All the products were designed with one purpose in mind: “To equip children for life, by exploring God’s Word.”

The Bible Books for Kids and Audio Dramas for Kids introduce children to Wizzy Gizmo and friends, exploring history and journeying to observe major events from the Bible. Each book takes kids on an adventure, discovering specific sections of the Bible, verse by verse. The books progress sequentially, forming a Bible commentary series for children. The stories are extremely relatable and do a wonderful job of explaining complex theological concepts in a way that kids can easily grasp. Key words are italicized and in bold; you can find the definitions in the glossary at the back of every book. For additional fun and excitement, listen to the audio versions of the Wizzy Gizmo books in the Bible Audio Dramas series. Exhilarating music and theatrical sound-effects transform these stories from words on a page into living, breathing examples of God’s Word.

The Fast Track Bible Pack is a set of flashcards that are the perfect accompaniment to the Wizzy Gizmo books. Kids can study the New Testament using this twenty seven card set, each containing a summary of a New Testament book, key chapters, passages, doctrines, and people. The front side of every card is a brief summary and includes information about who wrote the book, when it was written, to whom it was written, and the major theme and a key verse from that book. Flip the flashcard over to the back side and kids can find an outline for that book from the Bible, as well as important chapters, well-known passages, foundational doctrines, and major historical figures.

All of these products can be used together for an amazing, thoroughly-engaging experience for kids to explore the Bible. Or you can use them individually for your specific needs. Although the recommended age is 4-12, these products are great fun and entertaining for the entire family. For more information on any of these great products, including the Wizzy Gizmo books, audio dramas, and the flashcard set, please visit their website at www.wizzygizmo.com.A.H.

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