Magnificent Monologues Series – Reading, Memorization & Public Speaking Aids

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Here is an enjoyable way for your students to develop 3 valuable skills from the world of acting!

The Magnificent Monologues Series offers an enjoyable and unique way to improve your child’s reading, memorizing and public speaking all in one! It is like a Unit Study for communicating.

Your students do not have to dream of acting success on stage, screen or film to use these excellent books for a creative and unusual way to develop his/her communicating skills. The tools that actors use to hone their craft are also useful in everyday life. Even practicing different accents will aid your students in improving regular, daily speaking – and provide loads of fun and cultural expansion, too!

The Magnificent Monologues are designed for child-actors-in-development, ages 6-18, so they are age-appropriate. By practicing the monologues, your students will have to read new material, memorize it and can deliver it as a public speaking project to the class, their family, or the entire school. The Monologue series will also help your school in staging plays and dramatic readings!

The Magnificent Monologues series is written by Chambers Stevens, L.A.’s premiere kids’ and teens’ acting coach. Chambers has been coaching child actors in Hollywood for many years and he knows how to guide the young performer well. Your students will benefit from applying Chambers’ tips to non-acting uses. Being able to communicate well, especially in speech, is one of the most important skills a person can possess. It is well-known that most people say they fear public speaking more than dying! Help your class develop their public speaking ability and the confidence that goes with it, as a foundation for their entire lives! MjL

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