Fun With Composers are suited for Pre K-6

by Emerson Sandow

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Research has shown that music is one of the most important of the arts for young children, because it not only provides cultural value, but actual brain development stimulation. Brain-study scientists have found that learning music actually effects positive change in the brains of children.

Homeschooling parents know that music education is of prime importance and are always seeking excellent programs to aid them in this endeavor. Fun With Composers is such a program. It combines interactive lessons with music of many of the great composers and will allow your child to thoroughly enjoy and appreciate classical music from the Baroque to the “modern” (J.S. Bach to Grieg and Saint-Saens). The authors of the FWC materials are very experienced music educators on a high level — Joy Reeve is on the faculty of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and Sue Harvie holds a Masters degree in Elementary Music and is an accomplished K-6 music specialist.

The FWC products provide musical games in a light-hearted, fun atmosphere so that your child will not even realize that s/he is learning anything! The “Fun n’ Games” book includes an instructional DVD, so that parents can see the teaching process and forge ahead with confidence! The books by Joy Reeve – “You Can Walk . . . You Can Talk . . . You Can Orff” provides a CD as well as a Teacher Support section, providing the parent with the same background material as Ms. Harvie’s book. If your child is a kinesthetic learner, who needs physical activity to remain focused, you will probably find your own applications for teaching other subjects in the FWC’s approach.

You can make the music of the great composers commonplace to your child and begin to develop in him/her a deep appreciation for an art form that transcends the ages. Please visit the Fun With Composers website to see video demonstrations as well as more details about their products and staff. ES

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