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by Arielle Anderson

Professional teachers and healthcare professionals can receive CE credits for completing ASL courses offered by Signing Online. Visit the website and see the CE section for complete information.

Mastering Sign Language – besides offering deaf people a way to communicate with each other and others, has also become an important skill for many people who do not themselves have hearing issues, but want to learn a new, interesting and useful vehicle of communication — American Sign Language (ASL). The family and friends of a deaf person want to be able to converse, of course; school teachers have occasion to learn ASL and many other professions can find that knowledge of ASL is useful in serving clients or customers in business. There are unique job opportunities for those who know ASL well enough, such as Registered Interpreters for the Deaf ( and professional signers for T.V. speeches, award shows and other presentations of all sorts.

American Sign Language has become an accepted language form over the past 30 years and some high schools and colleges accept it to satisfy their foreign language requirement. Signing Online’s ASL teachers work with students to fulfill credit requirements as set out by your school or organization. See the contact info above for this purpose.

Signing Online uses online video and books to guide the student through the process of mastering ASL. Signing Online was created for people who wish to learn ASL but have little or no access to instructors or for those students who require curriculum for ASL classes. People who have taken the course include:
• New signers and those with a desire to explore another language
• Any Sign Communicators looking for a refresher on ASL grammar
• High school and college students with permission from their school
• Parents, Sunday School teachers, and people in service industries
• Those working with deaf and hard of hearing students
• Health care professionals, emergency first responders, and law enforcement

Signing Online offers complete, affordable courses in ASL that will guide the student through the learning of ASL for all purposes, including social situations. A number of institutions of higher learning recognize ASL as an acceptable subject to satisfy the foreign language requirements for college admissions so, check with the college of your choice to see if you can do so.

Other languages have Signed versions, too, including British, Korean, French and many more. When two deaf people meet who do not sign the same language, they can create symbols and signs of their own, to enable them to communicate effectively very quickly.
If you are searching for an interesting and challenging new endeavor, Signing may be just right for you. Contact Signing Online for complete information on all that they offer. AA

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