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By Janet Esposito

ShillerMath makes learning math fun and easy for all students, with their multi-sensorial approach and continued parent support. From pre-K to pre-algebra, they use proven methods, backed by research, with a Montessori-based curriculum, meant to teach math to kids effectively. They recognize and respect all students. The curriculum is designed to celebrate all different learning styles and allow each student to develop focus and concentration skills through working at their own individual pace. New operations and mathematical concepts are introduced and developed through bite-size activities that always capture a child’s attention. ShillerMath is more than just another math curriculum; it teaches kids how to learn. Through trial-and-error, through experimentation, through hands-on activities – students learn mathematical skills, gain problem-solving experience, and develop confidence in their own abilities.

Making a mistake is treated as a learning opportunity in ShillerMath. Throughout every lesson and activity, children learn about working through the problem-solving process and the importance of accuracy. The ShillerMath ThreeStep Approach is the key to the amazing results for participating students. These three steps are used continuously throughout the activities. First, introduction: “This is…” Then, exploration and discovery: “Show me…” Lastly, independent, accurate, identification: “What is…” This Montessori-pioneered method applies a familiar structure throughout the program that allows children to learn freely and naturally. Using the Educator’s Guide, Parent Resources, fun games, catchy songs, and dozens of high-quality manipulatives, your student will have everything needed to reach their fullest potential.

And parents everywhere love ShillerMath. The user-friendly Educator Guides provide you with all the information you need to get started immediately. You are given the tools to create a learning-friendly environment in which a child’s natural learning abilities are allowed to come alive. For children ages 4-8, parental participation is essential for most every activity. However, for students ages 9 and up, the curriculum is designed for students to work independently or with a parent. Students are able to feel, see, and play with math in a real-world, hands-on way. The result is not merely memorization, but true learning. And students and parents are given the freedom to move through the lessons at an individualized pace. Educators are encouraged to use a Socratic approach: Asking the questions and assisting students in discovering their own mistakes. Overcoming roadblocks and struggling is essential to math and to problem-solving skills, in general. Getting frustrated is part of the learning process; ShillerMath emphasizes patience, respect, and love, throughout the program.

The goal of ShillerMath is for students to “speak and write mathematics clearly, accurately, and concisely, and to achieve a solid understanding of mathematical concepts.” In addition to the amazing array of wonderful mathematics curricula and products, ShillerMath parents can obtain continued support with the Parent Resources Center. You can email the ShillerMath experts to discuss your individual situation, look for ShillerMath Crafts, print quizzes, and much more. Homeschooling educators can also connect with other parents by joining the ShillerMath Group on Yahoo (http://groups/ And the Parent Guide offers helpful suggestions and tips to help ease frustrations and plan for the unexpected. With all of the guidance and assistance offered, you will never feel in-over-your-head or all alone.

For significant cost savings, ShillerMath comes in multi-year kits with everything you need, packaged together. Kit I is for pre-K to 3rd grade, including all materials and resources you will need to teach addition, subtraction, fractions, and much, much more. The kit includes 12 diagnostic tests, a user-friendly Educator Guide, fun math songs, games, activities, high-quality manipulatives, and everything necessary to start having fun right away. Parents can save more than $350 in purchasing this package, when compared to buying the materials and resources separately. Kit II is for 4th graders up through students in pre-algebra, and also includes all of the supplies and curricula to get started right away, just like Kit I. Both Kits also include free downloads of consumables for 5 years, an additional savings of nearly $300. The high-quality manipulatives cannot be overemphasized. You and your student will love playing, learning, and exploring with all of these fun resources. Each one is a deal that budgeting homeschooling families cannot pass up!

For more information, including the entire catalog of products, pricing, methodology, sample lessons, and much more, please visit their website at JE

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