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Right now teachers are flooded with demands on their time, their talents, and their energy. Perhaps “buried” might be a closer approximation to what’s really going on around them!

That makes our mission easy and simple; keep the teacher in the center of everything we do! We help kids learn by making the teacher’s job easier, simpler, and more convenient! Teaching is a profession, full of professionals who care deeply and honestly for their students and what they do! Our job is to provide teachers with what they need to teach, materials that are simple, inexpensive, and ready-to-use!

We believe that teachers deserve a better way to teach science. Our science curriculum packages focus on letting you pick and choose what fits your needs in a very understandable, teacher friendly style. All materials are written for teachers, by teachers.

We have a product available for whatever your science needs may be. Whether you need a complete state-standards based Kindergarten – 8th Grade curriculum, an individual manipulative, or anything in between. Our materials can be used as a completely electronic curriculum, or you may print lessons on demand. All lessons are compatible with any electronic board, computer, or iPad.

Teacher Graduate Credits!

Seela Science offers a graduate credit program: Uncommonly Sensible Science©

It is a series of 21 different courses. You can take these classes at your own pace, at home, with no driving and no scheduled class time. Choose the core science concept area you want to work in. Find your appropriate teaching level, either Primary (K-2nd) or Intermediate (3rd-8th), and you are set.

The DVD (3rd-8th) format lets you view some of the set-ups, hear them explained in a workshop setting, then stop the DVD.

Pick and choose what you enjoy the most, what will do you the most good, and what will help your kids, not just some professor! No writing papers you’re not sure anyone ever reads!

  • Customizing your present textbook or lesson plans. Clearly identify where, in your professional opinion, you think each activity could best be utilized.
  • Aligning these activities into your state’s standards.
  • Research fun teacher assessments, either on your own or with your class.
  • Selecting extension ideas from the teacher’s guide in every activity.
  • Administering the supplied student assessment as a “pre” and “post” test to accumulate data as a district’s local or state needs, as well as assessing the lesson’s student effectiveness. (This is waived if you choose to do this when no students are available, like in the summertime.)

You can register for our courses by clicking on the links below, fill out the forms and send them to us by fax, mail or email.

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North Dakota State University:

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