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By Nicole Alexander

Most young girls love horses, and most young Christian girls will almost certainly enjoy the offerings found at, in particular the Sonrise Stable book series. is a hub for all kinds of equine-centric products. There are customizable Love 2 Ride T-shirts; horse-themed arts and crafts sets; fiction and non-fiction books about horses and horse plush toys. Many of the products are geared toward girls, but young boys will likely also enjoy some of the craft kits and books. The site also features stories about real-life Christian equestrians whose love of horses has led them to a deeper understanding of their faith, with links to their respective websites.

Of particular interest is the Sonrise Stable book series. The stories center on a ten-year-old homeschooled Christian girl named Rosie, her friend, Carrie, Rosie’s grandmother and other family, and the horses at the family’s boarding facility, Sonrise Stable. Each book is centered on a Scriptural theme, which the girls learn over the course of the story. Themes include salvation, caring for God’s creatures, looking past appearances, and creationism. The stories are well-written and get their messages across without being preachy; the books are wholesome, but not corny or heavy-handed. Just about any girl of elementary school age, especially a homeschooler, will be able to relate to the relationships and situations, whether she has any experience with horses or not.

The Sonrise Stable books are written by Vicki Watson, who also operates as well as, a site for horse-inspired devotionals. Watson has loved horses all her life and has been riding since she was a girl. She based the characters — including the horses — on herself and her own family and horses. There are currently six books in the series; a seventh is due in spring or summer of 2015.

Girls who love to read will especially appreciate the Sonrise Stable Book Club. Each of the books currently in the series will be delivered individually at intervals specified by the buyer. Along with each book, the recipient will get an added gift, such as a T-shirt, plush toy or non-fiction horse book. The book club really is a gift that keeps on giving, and is customizable.

For more information and to order books and other products, visit and You are sure to find the perfect something for the young horse-lover in your life. NA

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