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by Matt Barnabei

Memory, from a psychological standpoint, is the process in which the brain receives, records and recalls information. In regards to learning, the better a child’s memory is, the faster s/he will grasp a concept and be able to move forward. Mercury Learning Systems LLC has developed a number of techniques that are proven to accelerate a child’s learning. As a supplement to a child’s regular school routine, Mercury Learning Systems’ Accelerated Learning Games for Children ensure that s/he will learn anything faster, better and retain information longer.

Silly Story Sequential Memory Games is a series of entertaining and playful activities that are proven to enhance a child’s memory-linking skills. After playing these games, a child is able to easily memorize and recall 100 objects in sequential order and significantly increase the speed at which they are able to do so. The games are proven to activate a child’s creativity, stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and increase self-esteem. Some examples of the fun and silly images the games use can be found in the above, right.

Originally developed by the Greeks, object recollection in sequential order is an accelerated learning method. By improving their memory-linking ability, children are able to easily recall up to 100 objects in sequential order. Public speakers would associate visual metaphors with portions of their speech when presenting to the masses.

Using this method, develops the right brain’s imaging power, helping children to naturally gain access to the same creative resources that geniuses possess. Believe it or not, memory linking also helps children to develop thinking habits that circumvent logical thought, accelerating their thought process. Not only will your child advance his/her memory-linking skills, but with the cute and quirky storylines of Silly Story Sequential Memory Games, any kid is sure to have a blast while doing so.

Mercury Learning Systems’ products will inspire, instruct and enthrall your children for hours on end. Their Accelerated Learning Games for Children use only the best and most proven educational methods available. Take advantage of their Accelerated Learning Program at their website. MB

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