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By Ann Phillips

The Eclectic Education Series was used almost exclusively for education in the United States for more than 50 years. It was comprised of several textbooks, all authored by experts in the top of their fields of the day. McGuffey Readers, Ray’s Arithmetics, Pinneo’s Grammars, Thalheimer’s Histories, and Norton’s Sciences, educated roughly one-hundred million students. After disappearing from classroom use after WWII, they have been popping up in homeschools across America. Aaron Jagt is the man responsible for the recent resurgence in popularity of the Eclectic Education Series.

Homeschooling has always been a part of Mr. Jagt’s life. He began using the popular Christian homeschooling method, the Robinson Curriculum, when he was seven. Following the self-teaching methodology of the Robinson Curriculum, Mr. Jagt acquired ownership over his education. By gaining the tools he needed to learn any subject, he felt a new sense of confidence in his ability to pursue his dreams. This sense of empowerment laid the foundation for his adult life and future career in the education field.

Mr. Jagt and his family have been involved in the field of education for many years. His father, Arnold Jagt, had purchased the Eclectic Education Series in the hopes of one day reintroducing these wonderful texts to the public. The senior Mr. Jagt became intimately involved with the creation and development of the Robinson Curriculum and other projects. Arnold Jagt offered his son the EES collection and Aaron took ownership over the project – heart and soul.

The lessons learned from homeschooling could now be applied to life lessons. Aaron Jagt began digitizing the curriculum and creating a website. He soon found more books and re-scanned everything to ensure that these beautiful texts are available as high-quality images. Throughout this process, Mr. Jagt began to network with helpful, like-minded people around the country. He soon collaborated with Sherry Hayes, a mother of 15, a 23-year homeschooling professional, and a brilliant blogger. His resulting website,, now also includes two Yahoo groups, a Facebook page, and incredibly insightful blogs on homeschooling and the education field in general.

Homeschooling also helped build a foundation on which Mr. Jagt could pursue his dreams. The tight-knit family bond was reinforced through education in the home. Father and son even began a wholly new project and created a website: Over 10 years, Arnold Jagt began digitizing the collected works of the theologian R.J. Rushdoony. Aaron Jagt has been dedicated to helping his father create and develop the website. Although the Eclectic Education Series covers the “3 R’s” (reading, writing, and arithmetic), Mr. Jagt felt it was missing a fourth “R” – religion. Pocket College is the perfect resource to fulfill the religious education missing from the EES curriculum.


The Eclectic Education Series are rich, timeless texts that connect today’s generation with American tradition. Each volume can be used independently, or collectively within the entire series, or even as a resource for other homeschooling programs. Mr. Jagt points out that the EES is the perfect addition to the Robinson Curriculum, enhancing and broadening the student learning. It is fitting that Mr. Jagt continue his own family’s tradition of education by bringing American tradition to homeschoolers everywhere. And he is a wonderful example of what a quality homeschool education can produce.


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