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Jennifer Swanson Books – Entertaining & Enlightening Children’s Science Books

www.jenniferswansonbooks.com Uninvited Guests – Invisible Creatures Lurking in Your Home 32 pages, soft cover, Published by Capstone Press Top Secret Science – Projects You Aren’t Supposed To Know About 32 pages, soft cover, Published by Capstone Press Tsunamis 48 pages soft cover, Published by ABDO Publishing Jennifer Swanson is a prolific write of children’s books […]

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Lyrical Learning – Sing Your Way Through Science!

www.lyricallearning.com 8008 Cardwell Hill Corvallis, OR 97330 800-761-0906 E-mail: lyricallearning@proaxis.com By Emerson Sandow One of the tried and true methods of committing facts or basic concepts to memory is to sing them to a familiar melody. The alphabet song is the obvious example, but the imagination is the only limiter. A few years ago, Doug […]

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Seela Science – Keeping the Teacher in the Center & Grad Credits!

www.seelascience.com 800-232-5861 Right now teachers are flooded with demands on their time, their talents, and their energy. Perhaps “buried” might be a closer approximation to what’s really going on around them! That makes our mission easy and simple; keep the teacher in the center of everything we do! We help kids learn by making the […]

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