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Mendocino Outdoor Science School

By Janet Esposito http://mendocinowoodlands.org/ Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association P.O. Box 267 Mendocino, CA 95460 Phone: 707-937-5755 Email: education@mendocinowoodlands.org Every Spring and Fall, along the rugged, ancient Northern California coast, something magical happens. Homeschooling families from across the state, and even from across the nation, gather together to participate in a highly-acclaimed educational program: Mendocino Outdoor […]

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The Private Eye® the Looking/Thinking by Analogy® Program

Age Range: 4+ Cost Range: $3.95 – $99.75 Subject: Science/Analytics/Art Location: Lyle, WA Website: www.the-private-eye.com Phone: (509) 365-3007 By Matt Barnabei The basis of The Private Eye program is thinking by analogy, something that prominent educators and neuroscientists consider to be a principal factor in understanding. The Private Eye defines themselves as a learning process […]

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