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Enki Cyber Junior High

112 Wentworth Ave Cranston , RI 02905 Phone: (603) 496-8605 Email: bas@enkieducation.org (Register early – see end of article) by Janet Esposito Any parent can tell you that young children are naturally curious. Little ones love to experiment and explore, and are in a constant state of wonderment about how things work. Learning at this […]

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Readorium – Ingenious & Affordable Web-based Reading Comprehension & Science Literacy Program

https://www.readorium.com/homeschool/ 201-836-8403 by Michael Leppert Readorium is a revolutionary, web-based reading comprehension and science program (for students in grades 3-8) that allows any student at any reading level to develop his/her skills and knowledge, while enjoying it at the same time. Recent brain research has demonstrated that in developing or improving a skill, new synapses […]

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