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Basic Math Solutions™ – America’s Math Teacher’s Unique Approach

Mr. Richard Garcia helps end the math struggle http://basicmathsolutions.com/ by Emerson Sandow Basic Math Solutions™ is a system of teaching and learning math developed by Mr. Richard Garcia, a Special Ed teacher who thought about math struggles his students go through . . . and thought about it . . . and thought about it […]

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Create a Math Environment – Should Be in Every Classroom

Soft cover, 192 pages Price: $16.95 plus shipping. ISBN# 978-1-929221-02-8 Library of Congress Catalog Card #: 2016910954 Author, Vivian Owens Revised edition: October, 2016 Available on Amazon or http://www.escharpublications.com ======= By Emerson Sandow Ms. Vivian Owens understands the world of teaching children and parents helping classroom teachers as outside-of-school guides and co-teachers. She knows that […]

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Mainstay Math – 21 Books That Lead to “I Love Math”!

www.mainstaymath.com By Valerie Schuetta, M.Ed. My name is Valerie Schuetta and I am a first grade teacher, as well as a Reading Specialist. I am passionate about my students learning, especially in the area of reading. I hold true to the belief that if you cannot read, it would be hard to learn much of […]

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