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By Janet Esposito

Learning should be engaging, rewarding, and fun. However, as many teachers and families can attest, it is challenging to constantly find activities and academic programs that fulfill the promise of what learning should be like. Oftentimes, parents are struggling to force their student to complete work they find “boring” and require additional activities and resources for parents to seek out and plan for themselves. These experiences do not reflect the goal of teachers or parents and there is a better way – BookShark.

BookShark is a literature-based curriculum for grades K-8. The entire academic program utilizes multiple literature-based resources to learn each subject from a variety of viewpoints. The goal is to promote crucial skills the student will use throughout adulthood: “To think broadly, research widely, and act wisely.” Students are challenged to develop interconnections between subjects, actively demonstrating a “whole learning” approach. This allows students to better understand all academic subjects, while developing strong listening skills, building communication skills, enhancing critical thinking skills, and encouraging an overall love of reading.

Beginning with the Kindergarten curriculum and continuing through the 8th grade, BookShark offers every child an enriching education through age-appropriate literature. For students in grades 3-8, the curriculum focuses on interconnected learning. Language Arts, Geography, and History are integrated with the Read Alouds and Readers resources. Students get a rich picture of our American history in textbooks, through fun storytelling, biographies, primary sources, and more. This allows children to discover the connections between people, places, and events in history. Suddenly the subjects become fun and easily understandable, instead of boring and un-relatable.

Each grade level offers curriculum for Reading with History, Language Arts, Science, Math, Handwriting (for grades K-5), and Spelling (for grades 3-7). Choose the Full Grade Package to receive all the required resources necessary for your level at a discounted bundle price. These Full Grade Packages are customizable, allowing teachers to select the level most appropriate for each unique child, and packages include multiple math options. Every Full Grade Package includes everything you need to begin the school year immediately, including Instructor’s Guides. The Instructor’s Guides include a 36-week, 4-day comprehensive weekly schedule and daily lesson plans to equip the user to focus on teaching instead of planning.

BookShark also offers specific subject packages for each grade level (Reading with History, Language Arts, Math, Science, Handwriting, Spelling, Required Resources, and Electives). In addition to customizing the level when purchasing packages, you may opt out of specific Required Resources that you already have. The Required Resources packages include a binder, a mark-able map, markers, and a timeline book – all the items are non-consumable and can be re-used every year. Teachers can also choose to buy individual items, but the packages offer significant discounts over buying each item individually.

For more information on this incredibly rich, rewarding and fun curriculum, including the methodology at BookShark, sample guides, ordering information, and much more, please visit their website at JE

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