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By Eva Stanton

Eliminate frustration and confusion! Conquering complex math, science and reading concepts are a breeze with the award-winning educational manipulatives produced by Assessment Services, Inc. These hands-on tools are wonderful for struggling students, but they will enhance every lesson by facilitating a more engaging learning environment for every student. A substantial body of research, and most every teacher, agree that using educational manipulatives improves children’s understanding of complex and abstract concepts.

There is a large variety of math manipulatives available, and they are the most popular on the Assessment Services website. Discover all of the amazing manipulatives and resources offered in twelve categories to use in your classroom: Algebra, Attributes, Counting and Sorting, Fractions, Geometry, Math Games, Measurement, Money, Patterns, Place Value, Probability, and Time. There is even an entire section on Overhead Materials. Two student favorites are the Algebra Tiles and Geoboards. Both offer student a hands-on experience that brings these complex, abstract concepts to life.

Every teacher understands how difficult it can be to make science lessons fun and engaging on a budget. Assessment Services provides high-quality science materials, classroom experiments, manipulatives, and resources for nearly every budget. There are products for Earth/Life Science, Magnets, Magnifiers, Physical Science, Renewable Energy, and Weather. The Junior Microscope Kit is both affordable and well-made, offering years of micro-science exploration. Another favorite is the Wind Power, Renewable Energy Science Kit, allowing kids to construct their own wind turbine and conduct more than 20 hands-on experiments.

The reading manipulatives and resources are perfect for struggling readers. Teach reading with Unifix; build words using consonant and vowel cubes. The hands-on experience provides students the opportunity to create physical connections to abstract concepts. There are also a variety of free resources for parents and teachers to explore. Try the fun classroom activities in between scheduled lessons, or work on holiday math crafts to celebrate the season. Kids will enjoy these great activities and completely forget they are actually learning.

For more information, including pricing, all the amazing products discussed, and much more, please visit their website at E.S.

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