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By Doreen Clark

Grammar is often the ugly duckling of any Language Arts curriculum. It has gotten increasingly ignored throughout American classrooms in recent decades and, some may argue, it has become increasingly irrelevant outside of classrooms. In a world where everyone texts and tweets and no one reads, how important is grammar today? The answer is a most resounding “Very!” millions of foreign students study English grammar extensively – all over the world, but few of our students in the United States can even identify a noun vs. a verb. Since English is becoming the predominant language for business, there is a global push for students to learn and excel in the language. Texts and tweets will not suffice in a global business world.

The Analytical Grammar program is designed for students in sixth grade and up. Students use a large workbook that is divided into sections, called “seasons.” Each season can be completed as follows, teaching with Analytical Grammar every day: Season 1 is 10 weeks; Season 2 is 7 weeks and Season 3 is 15 weeks. This large workbook is suitable for all students, but the pacing is predicated by your student’s developmental level. For students in 6th or 7th grades, you will use a 3-year timeline to guide you through teaching, reinforcement, and review. Students in 8th, 9th, or 10th grades are encouraged to use the 2-year timeline, and older students can complete the entire program in one year.

When you receive your order from Analytical Grammar, you will find everything you need to get started immediately. The program includes student notes, practice worksheets and activities, answer keys and teacher’s notes, and directions on creating your student’s Grammar Notebook. And the program covers everything your child will need to know about grammar, through short, fun lessons that you and your students will enjoy. Students will learn all the parts of speech and the parts of a sentence, phrases and clauses, classic sentence diagramming, the rules of punctuation and capitalization, and common usage errors.

Junior Analytical Grammar was developed for younger students, written on a 4th or 5th grade reading level. The Junior program covers the exact same material from the first 10 units of the traditional Analytical Grammar program. The entire program can be completed in about 11 weeks, building upon each unit as you proceed through the lessons and activities. Once finished, students can move onto Junior Analytical Grammar: Mechanics. Mechanics covers punctuation, capitalization, and usage rules, over 15 week-long units. Because all Analytical Grammar lessons build upon the previous lessons learned, only those children who have completed the Junior program, or Season 1 of the traditional Analytical Grammar program, should move onto Mechanics. It does require a thorough understanding of basic grammar.


And for those parents who are a little uneasy regarding their own mastery of grammar, there are optional DVD companions for Analytical Grammar, Jr. Analytical Grammar and Jr. Analytical Grammar: Mechanics. The instructors are the creators of the programs, Erin Karl and Robin Finley – both former middle-school classroom teachers. Both educators obviously love teaching and their passion for the English language shines through brightly in these helpful, user-friendly DVDs. Students are encouraged through the entire lesson and often receive tricks and tips that are especially helpful for students new to learning grammar.


Once students complete the Analytical Grammar program, many parents feel a bit lost. Grammar should be completed by high school and students are meant to become more skilled at applying the knowledge they have learned toward literature studies and writing activities. But some students (and many parents!) feel there is a need to continue practicing their skills and reinforcing their knowledge of grammar. The creators of Analytical Grammar have developed a series of 4 books, entitled High School Reinforcement. Students practice sentence parsing and diagramming, grammar analysis, proper punctuation, and usage taught throughout the Analytical Grammar program. The books can be completed in any order and focus on American authors, British authors, World authors, and Shakespeare’s plays. Parents can choose the topic that supports your literature curriculum for a given year. Each book includes 18 exercises; students can complete 1 worksheet every two weeks throughout the year. Just enough to continue reinforcing their grammar knowledge throughout their high school career!


For more information on all the products available from Analytical Grammar, including videos, sample pages, ordering information, and much more, please visit their website at DC

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